Gas Leak Causes Evacuation at Senior Home in Rochester, NY

Up to 150 residents in The Shire at Culverton Adult Home were evacuated Saturday afternoon. Firefighters say a gas leak caused the alert.

"You can smell the gas upstairs... and the elevator when we got on it," said Lulu Baez-Solivan, resident.

Monroe County Fire Coordinator Sam DeRosa said crews were called for a strong odor of, what the complex thought was, natural gas. The Ridge Culver fire department found a heavy concentration of gasoline in the sewer system. That prompted the call for two air-conditioned RTS buses to get residents away from the area.

"A gasoline leak from a vehicle in a lower-level maintenance shop was found and the leak was taken care of prudently," said Baez-Solivan.

Monroe County Hazmat, the Department of Environmental Conservation, Pure Waters, law enforcement and EMS all responded. DeRosa says the amount of units in use was because of the number of residents, the temperature outside and the volatility of the gasoline.

Crews flushed the sewer system and residents have since returned home.


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