Keeping mold away as flooding continues

Greece, N.Y. – As water continues to flood homes along Lake Ontario, homeowners are trying to keep their homes as dry as possible.

Mold remediation is a real possibility, but it has to wait until the water stops coming in.

Christopher Kehoe lives along Edgemere Drive in Greece.

His backyard is surrounded by sandbags, and he has extended his sump pumps since water started moving in.

“This is the outlet of the sump pump. We extended out to the lake to get it as far away from the house as possible,” said Kehoe.

His two sump pumps are working overtime.

“Both of them run pretty much every 30 seconds or every 60 seconds pumping out [water] right now," he said.

Mark Frillici, who owns Healthy Spaces Mold Mitigation and Basement Waterproofing, says keeping basements and crawl spaces as dry as possible is key at this stage.

“If you can keep it [water] out, the next step is proper dehumidification and air flow,” said Frillici. “That will help bring down the moisture level and help reduce the mold.”

Frillici says keeping the air flowing in the basement will help keep mold out. Dehumidifiers, fans and even keeping basement vents along the foundation open can help.

“You have to move that moisture around. You have to get it out,” said Frillici.

Frillici said once the water stops coming in, homeowners can bring in a company for mold remediation.

“It's a thought that, at some point, we'll have to contend with mold,” said Kehoe. “The biggest concern for the residents here is making sure we're keeping dry and the facilities working, like the sewer.”


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