How To Find The Best Water Damage Professional
flooded basementEven if you don’t live in areas prone to flooding, water damage can happen. Pipes burst, heavy rains happen, and even slow leakage can occur. The results of water damage are not pretty, and it’s best to nip it in the bud as soon as you discover it. We’ve gathered some tips on how you can find and contact the best water damage repair pros near you .

Make a call to your network – Because water damage is so common, there’s a high likelihood that your friends have undergone similar things in their lives. You might also find out that a friend or acquaintance is in the water damage restoration business. Your friends will be able to give you names and places where to start – it’s still up to you to make sure that the pros you hire are right for you.

Take a look at the reviews – Look for the companies who have the most reviews and the most feedback in the industry. Remember that, unless prompted, very few people will leave a review for their service professionals, and that those who do are taking the extra step. Pay careful attention to companies which perform the types of services you need to have for your house.

Check for certifications, licensure, and bonding – Reputable water damage restoration companies have gone through the rigorous process of training and certification. They are part of service organizations related to the field. They might have won consumer awards, too, In other words, look at the presence that your prospective company has in the market.

Emergency services and promptness – When you pick up the phone, do they respond to you? What kind of turnaround time do they offer? As you know, the longer your property rests underwater, the more damaged it becomes. Are they able to offer you any do-it-yourself tips in the meantime while you’re waiting for them to arrive? Do they answer all of your questions?

Paperwork and estimates – Do they provide you with a written estimate of the work that they plan to perform before they actually start the job? You don’t want to have contractors knee-deep in a project and then find out that they are going way over budget in the process. Do they offer a contract to start the work before beginning?

Do they work with insurance companies? – Does your water damage professional work well with insurance companies? Are there any companies that your own insurance company recommends?

Get some quotes – Once you’ve narrowed down the potential water damage professionals you want to use, it’s time to get some quotes. Choose three from the list to see which ones will give you the best pricing for the job. Do they give you the written estimate? Do they seem reputable? Do they offer you a written guarantee? Do you own home inspection before and after. Make sure you aren’t missing anything.

NOTE: If the water damage company doesn’t seem right for you, don’t use them.

Finding the right water damage professional doesn’t have to be a trial, but it must be systematically handled. By following these seven suggestions, we hope that you end up with a long-term water damage professional on your side.


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