Cuomo introduces new measures to protect children from lead paint exposure
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 2020 budget has new protections for children exposed to lead paint. It’ll lower the level of what’s deemed elevated exposure to get kids help sooner.

Code enforcement officers from the City of Rochester perform lead inspections in houses every day.

Houses built before 1978 that require certificates of occupancy must be inspected for lead every three to six years, depending on the size.

Kierra Cox is a code enforcement officer with the city of Rochester. Her supervisor, Gary Kirkmire, said she and many other officers go through extensive training to do this very important job.

“They preserve property, they ensure the health and safety of our residents, and collectively they’ve reduced the number of kids lead poisoned since the inception of lead ordinance by 85% and since 1994 by 98%,” Kirkmire said.

He also said Rochester has one of the most proactive code enforcement programs in the country.

During an inspection, four rooms are tested in two different spots — a window and the floor. 

The samples are then sent out to a lab and results come back in about a week. Depending on the results, houses may be re-tested.

All code enforcement data is available to the public.


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