Hort Q & A: Winterizing homes for insects

I am noticing insects starting to come into my home, what do I do?

As the weather continues to cool, many different kinds of insects start looking for a warm place to overwinter. Crawling insects of all kinds can be controlled by the use of insecticides labeled for indoor use. Spray cracks along baseboards and around windows. Sealing these cracks with caulking will also help prevent insects from coming in and help stop heat loss as well. Spraying an insecticide on the outside of the home around windows and along the base of the outside wall can also help to control centipedes, crickets, spiders and beetles. If you have mulch in beds around the home, you might want to pull in back from the house an inch or two and treat that area with an insecticide also. If you have lady bugs accumulating in corners, you can sweep them into a box and let them go in an outside building. As they are beneficial insects, not killing them can help you control aphids on your plants in the spring.

If you have spiders coming down from the attic into closets, clothes need to be carefully removed and the inside of closets sprayed. Be sure to wear gloves and a long sleeve shirt when pulling clothes from the back of the closet. If spraying for spiders be sure the product is labeled for the species of spider you are trying to control. Not all insecticides will kill the black widow or brown recluse. For all pesticides, be sure you read the label for use instructions and the information on how to protect children and pets while the pesticide is drying.

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Photo Source: Reardon Associates Ltd


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