Could Asbestos Be in Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?
Worrying about asbestos and where it may be lurking is enough to drive even the most laidback person crazy.

Wolf spiders love the color green
Wolf Spiders are Drawn to that Shade

Radon remains a hazard in Genesee County NY
BATAVIA — November was Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

The Keys to Winter Pest-Proofing
How to Keep the Warmth In and the Pests Out

What’s That Noise?
Six Tell-Tale Signs of a Rodent Infestation

I have mold growing in my house: What now?
You're getting your house ready to sell, and you notice a small patch of black or green creeping up your drywall in the basement.

Bed Bugs and Dirty Clothes
don’t ignore the pile of dirty clothes in the closet or hamper

The hidden air pollution inside your workplace
Chris Birch used to dread late afternoon meetings at the old Stretford office of Hilson Moran

Choosing Flooring for Optimal Air Quality
When people hear the phrase “air quality,” they might be inclined to think about the great outdoors

Seneca County floods: Displaced residents allowed to return home
Homeowners who evacuated amid floods in Seneca County this week are allowed to return home

More Asbestos! More Asbestos! More Asbestos!
Some of President Trump’s most cartoonishly evil policy initiatives have come at the expense of the environment.

Restoration Myth-Busting: Three-day Drying
Insurance carriers could dramatically improve cycle time, profitability and improve customer service

8 things you can do to avoid getting bed bugs
Here are some ways you can be extra careful about avoiding these nasty critters

Steam pipe explosion: Locals told to shower, bag clothes in case of possible asbestos contamination
Anyone who was near the site of a steam pipe explosion that blew out a large hole in the street

News10NBC Investigates: City sells foreclosed homes already marked for demolition
All week, News 10NBC has been investigating problem homes in our community.

What You Can’t See May Be Greatly Impacting Your Family’s Health
After having eaten close to 100% organic since 2001, I have come to realize one thing — food is only one part of the equation.

In Our Backyard
an annoyed wasp can pack a powerful wallop  

Fat-bottom bees
Heavyweight buzzers more intimidating than punishing

Dealing with nuisance insects
One solution is use of a home barrier spray

Town: Asbestos at Swan Cove Not An Issue
Town officials say plans to build a passive park at the property once known as Swan Cove

Beware Bugs
Tips to avoid bed bugs on your next vacation

Carpenter Ants: Slow But Steady
no shrinking violet

The buzz about wasps and bees
Most stinging incidents involve wasps and hornets, not bees 

Where Did All Of These Flying Ants Come From?
Don't panic! We're not under attack

Bed bugs disappeared for 40 years
Now they're back with a vengeance

Uninvited pests

How to get rid of ants, avoid home infestation

What’s the Difference Between a Bee and a Wasp?
If you take a look at the insects, you can see what causes the confusion

Defend your house against ants
No thanks, ants

Secondary Asbestos Exposure & Mesothelioma
Primary exposure to asbestos happens to people who work with asbestos.

Tips on how to keep bugs out of your home
warm weather arriving

How can I get rid of ants?
call a professional for serious infestations

Bed Bug Legal Opinion
What Must a Hotel Do to Protect Itself?

How to treat a bee sting
The first thing to do is to get the stinger out quickly

Seeking Solutions
Consumers are turning to independent pet retailers for answers to flea and tick concerns.

Do you know how to spot a bedbug?
Experts recommend checking your bed for signs of bedbugs upon checking into your hotel room

Carpenter Ants and Houses
A Rotten Love Story

Old Appliances Invite Bugs In
Keep your home up-to-date to avoid inviting pests to take up residence

Ah, rats!
Rats holed up in a zombie home

Put a stop to cluster flies in your home
when your spotless abode is filled with flies

Don't Pour Alcohol on Your Bed Bugs
Try These Tips Instead

Funding nearly in place for former Lyons Falls mill demolition
With more state funding in hand, officials have nearly lined up enough funding for final demolition work at a former paper mill here.

How do I get rid of ants?
prevent or combat an infestation

Ways That Spiders Are Creepily Clever
Spiders are smart! There, we said it!

5 Reasons why you should use a Professional Exterminator
Believe it or not, DIY pest control may not be your best plan of action

How to Deal with a Wasp Infestation
Hire a pest control company

Avoid getting caught in the bedbug resurgence
bedbugs have become a kind of national epidemic

Ticks lurk when winter air warms
Check your pets for ticks daily

Unwanted hotel pests lead to legal battle
Hotel guests don't appreciate pests

What to Expect From a Home Inspection
You’ve finally found what seems to be the perfect home

Where are all these bugs coming from?
pesky creatures emerging

What do you know about ants?
carpenter ants are well known for their ability to damage wooden structures

How Long Do Bed Bugs Live?
Environment and food availability affect longevity

Run for Cover
Invasion of the stink bugs

Bats ruin dream home
waist-deep in a bat guano problem.

How to Make Your House More Environmentally Friendly
With green living being as popular as ever—especially with more and more eco-friendly

Tote inspection program launched by Cheektowaga
totes had initially helped rid the town of rats

This is Why You Don't Want Ants in Your House
They threaten the structural integrity of your home

Avoiding bed bugs over Spring Break travel
don’t pick up some unwanted hitchhikers

Some winter house guests less charming than others
They are a nuisance

Stored Product Pests
America’s Enemy

Nature's Hazards: Bees, Wasps, and Hornets
The deadliest non-human animals in America

The Financial Impact of Bedbugs in the Hospitality Industry
8 ways how bed bugs can affect your business

10 Reasons Why House Mice Thrive
These highly adaptable creatures are born survivors

Protect your home from Carpenter Ants
Know the signs of carpenter ants and prevent an infestation

How to Read (and React to!) a Home Inspection Report
Buying a place to live can be an exhausting process.

Boxelders: The Kissing Bug
No one wants to be kissed without permission. Especially by a bug

Cockroaches: Born Survivors!
Despite pesticide development, cockroaches continue to maintain an admirable position 

IPM: The Plan You Need To Stay In Business
Implement a tailored IPM program

Bed Bugs Are Pooping Histamine Into Our Homes
bed bugs could make us sick

Signs your cat has fleas
The dangers of fleas

They're back
What to know about stink bugs

Don’t wait for spring to fix winter damage
The weather seems to be warming up a little bit. Also, the days are getting longer and overall we’re getting closer to spring.

How rodents can cause car trouble in winter months
Your home isn't the only place you should worry about

Get Rid of Unwanted Pests in Hotels
Make sure your guests have an enjoyable stay

Carpenter ants nesting in trees and homes
Carpenter ants in trees and houses are an indicator of a moisture and decay problem

Bedbugs in library books
The American Library Association has developed advice

Keep Your Pets Safe From Tick Bites
pets are vulnerable to these sneaky critters

Rent Strike
Residents of 447 Thurston Road are planning a rent strike.

Wolf Spiders and Their Bite
causes fear in many people

Winter's sad, slow flies
This time of year, cluster flies begin to show up in our homes and outbuildings.

How to get rid of box elder bugs
Some homes are especially attractive to boxelder bugs, usually depending on the amount of sun exposure.

An explanation of how bad the issues are at these Northside apartments
During prolonged stretches of freezing weather, when temperatures even dipped below zero

'stink bugs' increasing
Koehler said that if the stink bugs start to cause economic damage to crops in the state, farmers can use an insecticide spray.

Carpenter ants, Unwelcome summer guests
Carpenter ants have found their way into my new home and I fear that there are many more than the ones that I see and squish in my kitchen.

Blood sucking fated in bed bug's genome
As their unsuspecting victims slumber, they enjoy the only meal they really want – human blood.

How does radon get into a building?
Most indoor radon comes into the building from the soil or rock beneath it.

Over the garden gate: Keep pantry safe from pests
Unfortunately, some insects like to eat what we eat and if unnoticed will take up residence in dry foodstuffs in our pantries.

Apartment life offers challenges in pest control
Some bugs can be nuisance, but others can result in infestations.

Exclusion Essentials
The most important element of rodent management is exclusion

How to Preserve Your Family Memories, Letters and Trinkets
Denise Levenick is her family’s historian. She’s not a professional archivist, but she’s a well-practiced one, running a blog called The Family Curator

Cockroaches in Drains
Drain sanitation is a common problem in food facilities, but did you know that cockroaches can live in drains, feed on the gunk that builds up, and enter your customers’ plants to contaminate food and food surfaces?

Landlord forced to pay tenant 300k for bedbugs infestation
A Bushwick tenant scored a fat $300,000 judgment against his landlord over a bed bug infestation

Carpenter Ants: A slient menace not called a termite
There is another insect pest, however, that is no shrinking violet when it comes to damaging wood inside structures: the carpenter ant.

As temperatures drop, rodents seek warmth in your house
As temperatures get colder out, everything that’s living outside is on the hunt for a warm, dry place

bed bugs are trying to get into your dirty laundry
Bed bugs will seek out your smell and snuggle up to your worn clothes

Updating the Landmark T.W.A. Terminal at J.F.K., This Time as a Hotel
Aviation has declined from the days when air travel was considered glamorous and exciting.

Possible Mold in the Walls and an Unresponsive Board
Q. I live in a co-op in Midtown West. My living room wall abuts the wall of a new building.

Rosie on the House: Make your home smell sweet, clean
Odors are generally something we avoid talking about in polite conversation.

Check before you wreck to keep asbestos out of landfill

Victoria site demands inspection for dangerous fibres before dumping home-reno material

Radon gas detected in Warford Elementary School
The Hickman Mills School District recently tested its schools for radon gas and discovered low levels at Warford Elementary School.

Bed, Bath & Beyond issues recall for bed comforter
A major home retailer is recalling a bed comforter due to risk of mold exposure.

Rochester tenants seek housing court to iron out apartment issues
Tenant Jesus Miranda talks about the living conditions in his apartment building at 960 Dewey Ave.

Energy efficiency, ventilation and Indoor Air Quality
On average, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, according to the U.S. EPA.

Parents express concerns with chemicals detected near Rochester Prep
Parents and students at Rochester charter school Rochester Prep declared themselves unsatisfied

Stench of bat feces forces school to close classrooms
The stench of bat feces has forced a New Hampshire elementary school to close eight classrooms and work on repairs.

Toys 'R' Us recalls 6,000 clay craft kits over mold risk
Toys "R" Us is recalling about 6,000 "totally me!" clay craft kits after mold was discovered in the clay

Radon reality: Why the overlooked gas is a health hazard
Radon is invisible to the eye and has no odor. And even though it began worrying Americans starting in the 1980s, its mysterious ways seem misunderstood to this day.

One fidget spinner has dangerously high lead levels, consumer group says
On the front of the box for the Fidget Wild Fidget Spinner is a warning: The toy is best for youths 14 years old or older.

Spiders still causing problems in some Toyotas
Matt Imholt recently got into his 2015 Toyota Camry, and noticed it smelled of mold.

Pests may be hiding in your Christmas tree
There could be more than just presents hiding beneath your Christmas tree this year.

Autumn Isn't cold enough
The cooler temperatures of autumn may not be a cause for celebration if you prefer lounging on the beach to cuddling by the fire

Is your indoor air pure? Think again!
Travelling all over the country, there is not a single major city that you will come across where the problem of pollution is not apparent.

Research shows Pest Resistance
Research shows pest resistance to GM Bt crops is surging

Neighbors Furious Home With Asbestos Was Demolished Without Safety Precautions
There are health concerns in a Wilmington neighborhood after a construction crew started tearing down a house.

Bed bugs evidently love your dirty laundry
Bed bugs find your dirty laundry cozy.

Summertime pests thriving in unseasonable heat
In the second official week of fall, when the temperatures reached 90 degrees, exterminators were still busy with summertime house calls.

Intellipure Ultrafine 468 Air Purifier Review
Indoor air is frequently more than 10 times (and often more than 100 times) more polluted than outdoor air.

Detroit Bus Drivers Expose Deplorable Working Conditions
Detroit bus drivers say they’re fed up working in deplorable conditions

U.S. Approves Release Of Genetically Enginereed Moths In NY
Plans to release genetically engineered moths in upstate New York to control invasive pests have been approved by the USDA.

They're Not Always A Pest
Insects don't get the respect they deserve

Federal Grant of $400,000 announced to Help Eradicate Potato Pest
Efforts to fight a pest that threatens the potato industry are getting a boost from the federal government.

The science behind those fire-ant rafts
“Life likes to live,” Kevin Haight said after viewing a photo of reddish-brown swirls in a floodwater eddy in southeast Texas.

New tech protects homes from invisible radon threat

You don’t have to smoke to get lung cancer. If you’re unlucky and don’t take precautions, all you have to do is breathe the air in your home.

Justice denies reports of asbestos in makeup after conducting tests
Justice issued a statement saying a third-party testing lab concluded "Just Shine Shimmer Powder" makeup does not have asbestos after a TV station reported asbestos was in the product.

NY officials issue warning about "Lone Star Tick"
State leaders are warning about a kind of insect that carries another serious illness.

World Lung Cancer Day 2017: Facts About The Deadly Disease
World Lung Cancer Day is commemorated on Aug. 1, 2017.

Fungal toxins in the home can easily become airborne and be inhaled, says study
Toxins from household fungi can easily become airborne and cause health problems, a new study has found.

Is Mold Making You Sick?
Science journalist Julie Rehmeyer was so sick she sometimes couldn’t turn over in bed.

Tiles or glue may contain asbestos, homeowner says
Remember, just because you do not have a “damp” basement, does not mean that moisture vapor is not a potential enemy.

When your home no longer meets your needs, renovating — instead of moving — may be your best bet
Sometimes when you fall in love with a community, you’re willing to buy the smallest house in the neighborhood to live there.

Keeping mold away as flooding continues
As water continues to flood homes along Lake Ontario, homeowners are trying to keep their homes as dry as possible.

Rockland County Health Dept. Reminds Residents Of Mosquito Treating

Rockland Co. Health Department would like to remind residents to start treating catch and storm basins to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Flooding hits hundreds of properties along Lake Ontario
Hundreds of Monroe County homeowners along Lake Ontario continued to feel the effect of waters

The Costs of Indoor Allergies and Asthma Continue to Rise
As the gross layer of yellow, dust-like film known as pollen coats outdoor furniture and vehicles, people’s attention often turns to allergies and asthma triggers.

Fire destroys auto repair shop in East Bloomfield
An auto repair shop in East Bloomfield was destroyed by a fire early Friday morning.

Experts: Expect a very buggy spring and summer
Experts at the National Pest Management Association say due to the mild winter and periodic heavy precipitation, Americans should expect a very buggy spring and summer.

How to find the best water damage professional
Even if you don’t live in areas prone to flooding, water damage can happen.

4 potential problems with old homes
Either you love them to pieces or you just don’t get what all the fuss is about.

Survey Shows Why A Wet Basement Is Bad News And How To Avoid It
Whether you rent or own, the verdict comes out the same – living in a home with a wet basement is bad news.

Asbestos Still Causes Cancer. Why Is It Still Used?
When she was in elementary school, Heather Von St. James would head out to feed and play with the family’s rabbits, kept in a hutch in her father’s garage workshop.

“It’s terrifying to me:” Hartford family poisoned by lead paint
You can't see it, taste it or smell it, but exposure can put your entire family at serious risk.

Storm cleanup to cost millions
Just as the snow and debris are being cleared away, the bills are starting to pile up.

You have wind damage. Are you covered?
The large tree barely missed Lucas Hine's home in the Cobbs Hill neighborhood.

Syracuse sees Rochester as role model to tackle lead paint problem
Syracuse is turning to Rochester as a role model in tackling a decades-old lead paint problem that leaves hundreds of city youngsters with lead poisoning each year.

Experts recommend testing for radon in your home every five years
Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer, according to the CDC.

7 tips to saving money on a bathroom remodel
Transforming the bathroom that came with your house into the one you’ve always wanted can cost a fortune

Brady Sullivan agrees to pay $90k EPA fine for lead issues at mill residences
Two Brady Sullivan companies have agreed to pay a penalty of $90,461 to settle lead paint violations at the Lofts at Mill West, federal regulators announced Tuesday.

Bedford apartment complex issues have city, county inspectors investigating
Bedford city building inspectors and inspectors with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health are set to monitor reported issues at the Slate Run Apartments on Turney Road.

Authorities find 9 illegal dumping sites, issue 200 tickets on LI, NY
State environmental conservation officers and police fanned out around Long Island, the Hudson Valley and New York City last week

Two Wythe County schools mitigating for radon, cancer causing gas
Two schools in Wythe County will update radon mitigation systems after testing for the radioactive gas over summer and winter break.

Is It Safe to Buy a Home With an Elevated Radon Level?

This odorless gas is deadly serious, but addressing the problem is easy

County: Asbestos found at Chestnut Ridge private school
County officials say they found what may be asbestos inside a now-sealed utility closet at the recently opened girls elementary school on the grounds of the former Edwin Gould property.

South Bend's stubborn lead problem: Why are kids still getting poisoned?
Brittany and David Griffith's search for a house led them to an old home on the city's near northwest side five years ago.

Workers Finish Covering Asbestos At Old Davidson Mill
Contractors have finished installing a plastic liner, fresh earth and a fiber mat over an asbestos site at the Metrolina Warehouse near downtown Davidson.

Schools and homes should get tested for Radon
Radon, which is a known carcinogen, is a leading cause of lung cancer deaths among non-smokers in the U.S. as well as Canada.

Mold at two Pittsburgh hospitals linked to 5 deaths
Heavy mold growth was found in the linens used at two University of Pittsburgh Medical Center hospitals where five mold-infection-related deaths occurred since October 2014, according to a report.

5 Steps to have a Successful Mold Remediation.
There are two vital things to recall about mold: prevent it by doing things right the first run through and when you do confront mold, deal with it immediately.

Radon and How to Prevent This Radioactive Gas From Seeping Into Your Home
The coughing started in the late spring of 2016. Doug Clarke, a math teacher at H.C. Wilcox Technical High School in Meriden, figured he had caught something going around the school

Don’t Panic Over That Sophie the Giraffe Mold
Sophie the Giraffe is becoming an endangered species.

Rochester starts training program for jobs in the environmental construction industry
Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren says  that the city is launching a program to help the unemployed and under-employed get jobs in the environmental construction industry.

The asbestos bonanza
Trial lawyers and Democrats team up share big bucks

One family's cautionary tale of toxic mold
Mary Walmsley was easy to spot in the lobby of Seabrook retirement community. She was wearing a surgical mask.

4 children die when pesticide, water mix creates toxic gas
Four children died after someone at their home sprayed water on a previously applied pesticide, causing a reaction that produced toxic phosphine gas, officials in Amarillo, Texas, said.

Sooke resident frustrated with mold problem
When Sooke resident Meg Anderson moved to a house in Ladysmith a few years ago, she noticed she was getting a cough, her chest felt heavy and she couldn’t sleep.

Paterson schools mishandled asbestos, mold removal alleges ex-employee in lawsuit
The former environmental occupational health and safety officer for the Paterson Public Schools claims the state-operated district improperly handled asbestos and mold removal

Winter Is The Perfect Time To Find Water Issues In Your House, Home Inspector Says
Nearly 16 inches of rain fell in Wisconsin from June to August, which is about 4 inches above average, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information.

Radon levels in Wicklow home were equal to 56 X-rays a day
Residents of a house in Co Wicklow were exposed to a radiation dose which was equivalent to 56 chest X-rays a day because of the amount of radon in the area, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said.

What Is Asbestos?
Although asbestos fibers are microscopic in nature, they are extremely durable and resistant to fire and most chemical reactions and breakdowns.

Consumers’ Checkbook: Iron-clad rules about lead removal
In 1978, the federal government banned the use of lead-based paint in homes after long-term studies showed that lead causes severe health problems

After discovering mold, a Madison Homeowner wants people searching for a new home to be aware
Homeowner Tammy Hudson said she and her husband bought a home for her sister in 2009.

Fire rips through Upstate NY onion-packing plant that lacked sprinklers
An onion-packing plant in Western New York was ravaged by a fire Thursday morning.

10 Questions About Asbestos-Related Lung Cancer
An estimated 158,080 Americans will die from lung cancer in 2016, according to the American Lung Association.

Federal charges allege asbestos release near Sports Authority Field at Mile High
Federal prosecutors have filed criminal charges against a Denver apartment complex for releasing asbestos into the air.

As homes cozy up for winter, radon levels can build
Nov. 1, 2016 – With winter on the way, many people are making sure best practices are in place for a weather-tight season.

EPA Actions Help Protect Against Lead-Based Paint Health Hazards
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that over 100 federal enforcement actions completed over the last year that require entities like renovation contractors, landlords and property managers to protect communities and public health from
exposure to lead.

Warning: Cancer-Causing Chemicals Are Likely Hiding in Your House Dust
Folks may think they’re being health-conscious by buying only organic fruits and vegetables, making sure their family gets plenty of sleep and exercise, and toting around small bottles of hand sanitizer.

Why Checking Basements For Damp In A New Property Is Essential
When you’re purchasing a new property there are a number of things that you should look at before putting in your final offer and going ahead with the purchase

Workers Exposed to Asbestos at Canandaigua Veterans Affairs Campus
Over a dozen workers were exposed to asbestos during the construction project of Building 36 for the Veterans Crisis Line on the Canandaigua Veterans Affairs (VA) campus.

3 pre-winter lawn care pointers
Winter is rarely easy on lawns, but homeowners can take several steps to prepare their lawns for potentially harsh winter weather.

This fall, your pets may be vulnerable to 'unladylike' pests
While temperatures drop and the days grow shorter, pesky Asian lady beetles search for a home to overwinter and sometimes they choose unpleasant places.

Water, water everywhere ... solving the moisture challenge
While knowing you have a moisture problem may be the first step in resolving the issue, learning the true source of the moisture is must for any longterm solution.

Roof inspections prevent problems
Cold weather can be tough on a home, and perhaps no part of a home is more vulnerable to harsh winter weather than its roof.

Record-breaking $40,000 raised for Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization during 8th Alton Miles for Meso 5K
Simmons Hanly Conroy, a national leader in the legal representation of mesothelioma patients and their families, is proud to announce its 8th Annual Alton Miles for Meso 5K Race & 3K Fun Run/Walk on Sept. 24

Be mindful of radon as winter approaches
As residents seal their homes this winter to keep the warm air in and bitter cold out, they must also be aware that naturally occurring radon gas may be increasing to dangerous levels within.

Hort Q & A: Winterizing homes for insects
I am noticing insects starting to come into my home, what do I do?

Carmel couple sues city after 13 years of floods to historic home
As Amy Van Ostrand balanced the care of her husband fighting for life against blood cancer with ongoing efforts to clean up and repair a basement that had severely flooded

Mold scare drives 10 students out of USC dorm
   Ten University of South Carolina students have moved out of the 47-year-old Bates House residence hall over concerns about mold.

Read more here:

Norton fire causes estimated $500,000 in damage
Firefighters on roof of Jeffrey's Pizza after a fire broke out in the Shops in the Pines mini-plaza on East Main Street in Norton Friday.

Navy discovers elevated radon levels on base
Military officials discovered elevated levels of radon during regular testing carried out as part of the Navy’s Radon Assessment and Mitigation Program (NAVRAMP).

How Much is the Drought Really Contributing to Pool Demolition?
The Los Angeles Times recently reported an uptick in the number of Southern California residents who have decided to demolish or bury their backyard pools.

Courthouse to fully reopen by Monday
Spartanburg County courthouse operations should be back to normal next week as mold remediation work wraps up and employees move back into their offices.

Garden: Should I apply one last lawn fertilizer treatment in the fall?
Questions and answers to the Fall check list for your yard

10 Uncommon Home Inspections to Consider Before Selling

Hiring these specialized inspectors can help reveal potential problems before you’re scrambling to close on your home sale.

Home Help: Top 5 secrets from professionals on home renovation
When asked what kind of upgrades homeowners would like to make in their home, most have a similar wish list that includes features like marble or granite counter tops, an open concept kitchen, a remodeled bathroom and a deck.

Gas Leak Causes Evacuation at Senior Home in Rochester, NY
Up to 150 residents in The Shire at Culverton Adult Home were evacuated Saturday afternoon. Firefighters say a gas leak caused the alert.

Parents Frustrated Over Future Of Contaminated School
Clark School in north Hartford was shut down in January 2015 after hazardous chemicals called PCBs were detected in the school's air.

Contractor pleads guilty after illegally removing asbestos
An Indianapolis contractor was sentenced to four months of house arrest and two years of probation after pleading guilty Monday in federal court to illegally removing asbestos.

Strengthening a culture of prevention to mitigate asbestos exposure
107,000 workers around the world will die every year of an asbestos-related disease and 125 million people across the world will be exposed to asbestos in the workplace

Substance found in Jefferson Hospital's ER being tested for mold
A small portion of Jefferson Hospital’s emergency room was closed off as scientists begin testing a substance found in the wall of the hospital.

Brush Fire Safety: Firefighters Tackle Flames with Special Tools
Spring has sprung in Central New York, but that also sparks a seasonal hazard.

How to resolve 5 common waterproofing issues in commercial buildings
Correct waterproofing is an important part of this promise given the damage that leaky walls and roofs can cause to the occupant’s business.

'Third wave' of asbestos disease upends lives
The fire-resistant mineral first had killed asbestos miners, millers and manufacturing workers.

Mold-Infested Prisons Sicken Guards & Prisoners
New York’s Rikers Island jail, Candie Hailey was locked in a solitary confinement cell ventilated by a mold-covered air duct. 

State’s New Mold Law Viewed as ‘A Little Crazy’

If you find that you have mold in your home and want it removed, you may be in for a surprise by the set of procedures.

New York State Assembly seeks to pass bill to reform lead testing in schools
 New York State senate passed a measure Thursday that protects children from potential lead poisoning found in the water at school buildings.

Tucker Printers of Henrietta Fined Over Waste Disposal
The company had been dumping industrial waste into its septic system for years

Worker Health Complaints Prompt Mold Study At City Hall
What appears to be mold is visible in several parts of the Searles Building that houses the City Hall offices

Genesee Seeks Demolition in Upgrade Plan
A building that's more than a century old may come down to make way for an ambitious upgrade and expansion project at the Genesee Brewery

Asbestos Stirs Concern Over Construction Plans
Removal of the cancer-causing material wasn’t included in initial plans for the school system’s revitalization

Tips for detecting and preventing mold in your house
When a sump pump fails or a pipe bursts, experts say homeowners typically can work to dry out household items themselves.

Battling Birds
A Q&A on pest birds and preventing their presence in food plants.

Water Leaks and Damage Most Common Maintenance Issue
Water damage is a common and major maintenance issue that can cost apartment buyers and owners thousands of dollars to repair

Is Your Home a Death Trap?

How Mold Affects Your Health and Your Home's Value

Cleaning Up After 1991 Ice Storm Wreaked Havoc on Rochester
Rochester was hit with a devastating ice storm 25 years ago, the largest natural disaster in recent memory.

5 Safe Methods to Properly Remove Mold
The IICRC S520 establishes the standard for microbial remediation, which lays out general work practices and methods.

Rochester's Housing Market is Hot
If you’re planning to sell your home, now is the time. If you’re trying to buy a home, you’ve got to act fast.

Poisoned by lead: Portraits that will haunt Flint parents
The parents of Flint, Mich., are the most recent and visible initiates into the world of lead poisoning, a lifelong and life-changing diagnosis.

Building Energy Saving Tips
Simple and effective ways to save energy in your home or office.

Housing at site of toxic plume?

A developer plans a subdivision on what was formerly a site of contamination.

'Zombie house' demolished in Irondequoit
The town demolished one of the 'zombie' properties which stood at 159 Mountcalm Drive.

PCBs in Caulk
EPA has learned that caulk containing potentially harmful polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) was used in many buildings, including schools

Take Caution When Bats Are Near
Several highly fatal diseases have been linked to bats.

5 Ways to Show Support During Asbestos Awareness Week
Late last week, the Senate passed Resolution 125 to designate the first week of April as National Asbestos Awareness Week.

Abrasive Blasting for Mold Remediation
As more is understood about the health issues related to mold growth in interior environments, new methods for mold assessment and remediation are being put into practice.

High lead levels found in Penfield schools
Officials with the Penfield School District said they've found elevated lead levels in water samples from all six school buildings.

10 Things to Know About Finishing a Basement
Create a lower level with high style and function.

Many schools aren't tested for radon
Radon, an invisible killer, has gone undetected in more than half of New York's school buildings

Mom Couldn’t Figure Out Cause of Mystery Illness
One Georgia mother was shocked when she recently discovered the cause of her 4-year-old daughter’s mysterious illnesses that had been plaguing her for several months

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Pros
As a homeowner, you should know the basics of finding a home improvement contractor remain constant.

Pet Odors Can Kill a Home Sale
Your beloved pets may provide a great deal of companionship and comfort, but they also bring along smells that home buyers are not going to find appealing.

How to Protect Your Family From Radon When Buying a Newly Built Home
If you are buying a home or selling your home, have it tested for radon.

Traces of lead found in Brighton schools
Elevated levels of lead were found inside three Brighton school buildings.

Environmental Hazards on the Mind of Home Buyers
Homebuyers are increasingly considering environmental hazards that may exist on or near a property

Environmental Hazards: Know the Neighborhood
Today’s ultra health-conscious consumers want the assurance of safety and purity in the products they buy.

Environmental Testing Services Should be on Your Home Inspection Checklist
Most home inspectors lack the knowledge and certifications to test for toxic substances, homebuyers should schedule an environmental inspection

Protect your Home against melting Snow in Rochester NY
We may be overlooking the damage that melting snow can do as it leaves water, slush and mud to terrorize your home.

Avon property developer pleads guilty to exposing workers to asbestos
An Avon man pled guilty to violating the Clean Air Act asbestos work practice standards on Wednesday.

Radon is an unseen danger
Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, only behind tobacco smoke

Zika Virus
How is it transmitted and what are the risks?

The Surprising Truth about Mold
It's dangerous—but not in the way you think

Syracuse Study: Indoor Air Quality Impacts Work Production
Better indoor air quality can have a significant impact on production at work.

Tainted insulation a risk in older homes
Old-style insulation, tainted by asbestos, a risk in some homes, but fund can help with cleanup bills

Schumer pushes for funds to combat lead poisoning
To help combat the Rochester region's lead paint problem, Senator Schumer has proposed a federal tax credit to offset the cost of cleaning the toxin out of people's homes.

Fixing Dirt Crawlspaces: Liners or Poured Concrete
Over 25 million homes in the U.S. are built over exposed dirt crawlspaces.

Drying a Wet Basement
You may need an interior drain and sump pump to solve the problem

5 things you should do and 1 thing you should NOT do if your pipes freeze
Leaving a faucet open during freezing cold weather can help prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting -- which can lead to expensive home damage.

Lead Paint, Lead Toys, Lead Dietary Supplements
The lead pipes in Flint, Michigan, are a tiny part of a huge problem.

4th Patient Infected During Mold Outbreak at Hospital Dies
A fourth transplant patient who contracted a fungal infection during a mold outbreak at a western Pennsylvania hospital has died, officials said Sunday.

Sensible Guide for Healthier School Renovations
This booklet provides school administrators, facility managers, staff and the school community with an overview of how to avoid key environmental health hazards.

BBB's Top 10 Scams for 2015
What was the number one scam reported to BBB's Scam Tracker in 2015? It was tax scams. Click on the photo to learn more about the others.

Dust Mite Allergy Information Overview
If you have allergies or asthma, a tiny creature living in your home could be making big problems for you. Although you can’t see them, you may be having an allergic reaction to them.

Acting Labor Commissioner Reminds NY of New Department of Labor Mold Program
New Law Governing Licensing and Training Goes Into Effect January 1st
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